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About this blog

I joined recently after feeling not heard for years. I read another blog entry that said," I used to be so happy and care free now I can't go on a simple date or to the grocery store, I need help".  I feel horrified that that person feels the way she does.  My story is painful to talk about, I like to continue living life knowing it happened and I can't go back and change it.  What would my life be like if I hadn't been taken advantage of.  There are days when I ask myself, how can someone be so evil to have done that. I didn't ask for help until recently.  I am from a small town and people talk.  Professionals say to not care what other people think.  When I do that, I am seen as selfish or rude.  The events that happened to me shaped me into who I am.  Once joining and seeing the endless forums and blogs I realize I'm not the only one and it gives me hope.  I feel I've been told to not say anything from people I told.  Once talking to a counselor, she said not everyone knows how to react.  I wasn't asked what happened to me after.  Why? Why wasn't I rescued?  I am not homeless,  I have loving parents.   But, somedays it just seems I am not understood.  I want everyone not just my family anyone I meet to shout from the rooftops this terrible human being did this on this night and it was wrong.  Then, I feel don't be bitter be better than those people.  I read a coping strategy article that said write a letter to your attacker, but do not mail it.  I wonder to this day what that person thinks when he lives his life.  I will never be the same person I was before.  Others say, this will make you stronger.  I have never written about my feelings before, and it only makes me want to talk about them.  I relive those moments, over and over.   I do not want to be silent anymore.  The unbearable feeling of knowing he is less than five minutes from my residence makes me uneasy.  I am building up strength to report my attacks.   I am searching to find others that reported and how it made them feel.

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Today. I am thinking of trauma.  I love being able to blog and say whatever I please.  I can not be judged.  Thinking back to that moment, when I woke up slumped over placed in a position like a rag doll, naked.  I did not give permission to take my clothes off.  It is sick.  I hope he remembers it ...to his last living day, because it is not my problem he chose to do that.  And to all the people that judge and talk about me because of that, that is there problem too.  I feel bad for them.  I se


aprilbaby49 in Today.

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