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Update for those sitting with me!

Yesterday my Doctor told me the way I have been feeling lately was most likely because of the current stressors going on for me right now and I have been on the medication for almost 6 years so this made sense, plus this amazing woman with authority validated my pain.    thank you to everyone sitting with me. On wednesday mental health will be calling to find the best counselor for me. With the support from After Silence, support from people in my immediate life has felt so much more tang

still mad

June 28th 2020, 5:55pm   Still mad. Yesterday I had a deep thought that I never wanted to touch anything to experience it again. I decided that I would be able to accomplish anything I would be able to simply just by observing it. The account I created today on After Silence has already been approved and I can now use it to share my experiences. I was reading through the forum all day. Now, I’m looking forward to this community for their support in the near future. I have a
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