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About this blog

* TW * Sharing bits of my story. Kinda just trying to trust.

Edit - added 15Nov2020 - It seems like years since I started this blog, even though it has only been 6 mo. It's not a pretty story, but I'm glad I got it out. I used to love writing for the creativity of it. I loved it for the same reason I loved listening to storytellers. The longer and twistier the tale, the better. Added details for no other reason than atmosphere? Yes, please! With words you can grow a story in someone else's head, I mean how cool is that?

Then I hated writing and reading. I had hit a speed bump and thought it was a mountain. A large impassable range that kept me from an activity I loved.

But I had a story inside that needed to get out. I needed to get it out of me, and it wanted to live somewhere else besides my brain and my guts. If you're picturing the alien emerging from my abdomen, that's an accurate visual. It's an ugly story, but it's my truth. And it's not eating me from the inside anymore. I set that shit free.



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24 - check the facts

So I started DBT group therapy like a month ago. I was a little excited by the opportunity to learn some pretty basic mental health skills. I've always been really good at taking care of everyone else's emotional shit. The cost to me was most of the time my needs are dead last on my own list of priorities. I was a good friend to others just maybe not so much to myself. So, as the group facilitators explained it, it's learning ways to help you think about your mental health differently. A lot of
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