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Being A Teenager On The Internet (before SA)

Something that may come as no surprise to some, is the fact that being a young and easily manipulated teenager with unregulated wifi in their house... is quite dangerous for the child's safety. I was 14. A young and very insecure girl, with a laptop and a newfound curiosity for multiplayer games, chatrooms and omegle. Oh, omegle. That bloody website. I wish I didn't know about it... but all the cool Youtubers were using it. It was an enticing concept, meeting new people with other experienc


newhorizons in Personal titbits


Windows have come to be a prominent part of my life. I don't mean physical windows, no no, but the windows that guide me through the motions of every day life. I feel that my life is spent behind lenses, and not just my glasses. It's difficult to explain but I feel that these windows can be both good and bad for me. Sometimes, the window is clear. My brain wants me to see the reality of what is happening and what has happened. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I like rem



Coping-19 (See what I did there?)

Hi guys, just a little blog post. With what's going on, I've been increasingly finding it difficult to keep up a face that isn't damaged by the relationship rape I went through. (I hate saying that word, it's getting difficult for me to believe myself anymore). I've told my sibling, but when I did, she just didn't really respond well, which is understandable because it doesn't sound believable. I don't think she understands how people can remember a few years down the line. So I don't



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