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About this blog

My journey of healing. 

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Memory - Truth or Dare

He said it was a game.  A secret game.  I was 9 and my sister was 7.  He, my brother, was 12.  There had been a lot of change in the family in a short time.  We moved to a different part of town with different schools.  My mom went back to work and my dad went back to school to study for a new career.  As a child, everything felt chaotic.  My parents were so busy with work and school that it felt as though they did not have time for us anymore.  I felt lonely, isolated, and less than.  I was a w

learning it was wrong

I am not sure how to begin writing.  The perfectionist in me wants to ensure I sound eloquent, creative, interesting, and intelligent.  The voice in my head is telling me that nothing I write will be good enough.  It will not have any value so why even bother.  The voice is telling me I will fail.  The fear of failure is paralyzing.  It keeps me stuck.  I cannot promise that my blog will be a work of art.  However, I can promise it will be honest and authentic.  I am writing this blog for
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