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My fight for understanding, my daughter, and our freedom.

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Day Three

I really miss her. I dreamt that she died and I was speaking to her spirit in a crowded shopping center. When I turned to my friend, she told me to let her go. She asked me if I remembered how she died, and I said yes, that her father had killed her. Something about a car accident.  I couldn't shake the grief all day. I haven't grieved over the agony her father taking her has caused me. I haven't allowed myself to cry. I feel like, if I do start, I really won't stop. I'll cry unti

Day Two

He is such an asshole. I am floored every day by his actions. Especially now that I'm starting to understand the extent of the abuse I survived with him.  Long story very short, he took our daughter. I know why; he doesn't want to pay child support and wants the benefits he gets through the state with her. It's incredibly greedy. I thought that maybe I was wrong about the money, still doubting myself after everything he has put us through. Until today. He claimed her on both tax y

Day One

Today marks Day One.  This is the first day of hope. Hope that I will be heard, hope that my daughter will return unharmed physically. She's already shown she's been harmed psychologically, but I do pray that doesn't worsen.  Today is the day I got the consent for the social investigation to begin. The social investigator will decide the best home for my daughter. Her father, our abuser, has been on his 'best' behavior lately and is now a "God fearing Christian", but I'm hoping the inv
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