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My supportive thoughts, offered to those who have experienced and/or are in pain...

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Joltin Joe DiMaggio

Hi Alice, I want you to know that you are not alone. I am writing this response to tell you that you have successfully shared your secret, and to share with you my feelings of sorrow that such a horrific experience happened to you, and to hope that you will be comforted in knowing that this is the natural and gut reaction of any sensitive person who learns of your story.

I would further like to say to you and ask you to consider yourself supported by many, many people out there. So many people would reach out to support you, if they only knew.

Consider the public mental health awareness events and lectures that communities hold, presenting different approaches, stories, and advice. This means the community is concerned for you.

So please feel in a very real way, that you are, in fact, supported. We would all like to provide emotional nourishment to all those who have suffered through such terrible, torturous hurt. Please understand that you really walk shoulder to shoulder, every day, with people that are beaming, if silently, their concern for their fellow human beings who have suffered and are still suffering the lingering effects of past trauma. Open yourself, open your heart, to receive these feelings.Feel the words and rays and waves of comfort, of emotional understanding, of shared understanding, that we send out constantly to those who are in pain. Read these words over and over, play them again and again in your mind, and allow yourself this healing feeling of absolute and unconditional support, warmth, and love!

Most of all, please remember: you are not alone! We, your supportive community, are in this together!

All the best,


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