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About this blog

I can identify with  a few things I've read in blogs...at 10, I found myself watching a 'rape' movie saying, "Git her, git her". .  I had no way to know why I was so cruel and when I realized I was doing that, I stopped and felt ashamed.  I had amnesia of the rape.  I've noticed when I told my story to "close" (haha) friends, they thirsted (groveled) at the awful parts.  I wonder now if they were also hurt...  I had almost all men friends...even when I was married.  I tried for years to connect with women, but there were so many false role models.  My grandpa rocked me at a critical junction...grabbing me off the floor in the midst of chaos and just rocked me.  My Dad squeezed my hand tight and admonished someone to leave in protection of me.  My Mom, on the other hand, was dramatic and worried a lot.  She wasn't trying to be that way, she was overwhelmed with many things.  I didn't recognize that in my younger years.  My sister often lied and manipulated me...she was older and my idol.  My grandma thought I was a liar.  I guess that's why men won.  My closest friends now are men save for two woman who I adore.   They've both suffered.

God is my everything.  I hope you know Him and if you don't, ask me.  He opened the memory banks and held me through all the rough spots.  There were, it seems, a million rough spots.  I'm so tired of it all. I once kept a garden, now I don't keep my house.  I will help others whenever they call though.  I'm an unpaid counselor who sits at your feet and listens well after the one hour timer rings.  I don't have a degree...I have experience.  No payment needed, just overcome.  Get better and tell Satan...go to hell, in the name of Jesus.

Entries in this blog



I want to journal the tough stuff in a safe place, a safe manner.  My life has been manipulated, pushed, pulled ... fried in so many ways...because of their beliefs.  Oh my, and Dear God ... help me, Lord

When I first came here, it seemed so dark and painful...truth it still does...and I long to help at least one victim here recover....but I don't know how to do that myself. 

Today, I worked on negative thoughts for myself to change and not let the vile bitterness of unworthy friends...eat me alive.  I have to.  I have one thing to ask.  Just Joy in the Lord...for what it's worth and a kind smile that says what I"ve done today meant something to someone.

My work takes me a long way from home...I'm not even sure I don't pay to do the work...it's minimum wage and a lot of gas...but I"ve never been happier with the clients I work for.  They are sufferers in need...and the greatest need is love.  My friend often tells me get a better paying job...that suits me.  This suits me...I NEED this.   My fear is the financial bottom dropping out before my ship comes in.  What ship?  I laugh a little at that...the pinta... whew long wait for that one.

God says it's coming and to trust in Him...so I will keep the faith and sing, "Jesus take the wheel" as often as I need.  I will make this a positive journey for me...in due time, I will.  In due time...


What is it like?

What is it like?  To heal?  To be healed?  To be free?  To run like a child once ran?  To  play?  To skip?  Is any of that possible?  Why so many questions?  Why no answers?  Why did an hour or two steal my entire life away?  My entire world?  Including family?  Why did she laugh when I said, "I forgive you."  Why, if it's really her, does she shy away from me now?  Why can't I cry?  When can I scream?  When is it enough for them?  When is God coming back?  Why do I feel like I've lost when I know I'm going to win?  Where is the little girl?  What happened to her? Why does my heart still break? -POM

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