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No one knows what real darkness is

Until you've danced under a red moonlight

With foreign hands gripping you chest to chest

Hearing a heartbeat you could only stop if his tongue were to reach your lips

Heat scorched skin sticks you to him

Counting seconds till mom and dad decide to visit

Till you're saved

Time was unforgiving and you realized then that it was the end

You could not find friends in that lonely basement

Slipping further into the darkness where slippery fingers found their way

Breaths and secrets intertwined

They made you his but he remained undefined

Never, shall you say his name.



-I'm not very fond of this poem of mine but I thought I should share. Maybe someone will feel better because of it.





In the heart of L.A theres a lost little girl
With a head full of the curls and the weight of the world on her shoulders
But her story gets colder hold up!
All the men that she's ever encountered
Have proved to be cowards misused and abused her and bruised her with power
Now her doubts getting louder
And all her tears are building up building up building up
And all her fears are killin' her killin' her killin' her


-In Love We Trust by Jhene Aiko


If there was ever a song to describe what I felt then and what I feel now, it would be this one.


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