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why? Can you never function proper for long. You had a great marrage and now you have tossed it up in the air like ash in the wind you stupid selfish detatched little girl.

I'm sorry, Not good enough even though you were driving I am you we share the same shell . I am so sorry I really do not know what to do.

Nothing its too late nothing can be taken back no amount of explaining will help . Look I know just as much as you do we did not plan on supressed memories coming up.

if I could I would have never opened that dam box. Why did you go snooping in the adict my middle child had issues I needed answers.

and i could not handle what I found ....... This hurts so much. And it should regardless why you lossed yourself fact is you did now we need to deal with the results

no I want him back

you can not undo the loss of what was broken.

I want him so badly I need him

please help me save us. Its done.stupid stupid in the end its me in the shell of what I could have Ben and the loss is deep.

we will survive keep your head above water. Its gonna be okay



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Its silent but still

Sorrow but grace Paced but laced- with the pain of a dozen deaths , but no rest must face. The willows cover my discrase I chase. Secrets buried under the willows there are so Manny how can one loose there soul in a dozen selves. I shelved and hid placed right off the grid.  I'm found but finding . losses its blinding the things said and did. No blame hate f@me tons of shame  This no name hunkered in ambers .a wrapper sparks light the dark , Musty sent. Then I am sent replace



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