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About this blog

Hello, I'm really nervous about coming on here. Don't know how to start. I never expected to still feel as I do after such a long time. I'm hoping this is gonna help. 

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Here goes

I'm so nervous about coming on here, seeing it all in black & white. Can't believe it's still buried so deep after all these years. From age 9 to 16 I was sexually abused & raped by my brother, can't believe I've just wrote that. I've had a problem with drink, tried suicide twice, but with all that behind me, I thought I was coming to terms with it all, seems not.


Am I doing it right?

I'm not very computer savvy, don't know if I'm supposed to be righting a blog or if there is somewhere else I'm meant to be posting things. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon. If I'm doing wrong, can someone let me know please? 

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