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About this blog

hey guys, 

i'm back sorry i haven't been on for a while, everything in my life is going pretty well. 

i have met an amazing guy and he makes me super happy :) i have also made a lot more friends. The only problem is my home life, everyone seems to be at each others  throats screaming and arguing about pointless stuff that doesn't matter i don"t like being at home anymore,i stay out a lot and only go home if i really need to, i feel sorry for my brother cause he has to live with it, i don't understand why they are fighting so much, its destroying us as a family, its not fights about what happened to me it just fights about random shit, but it brings me down. i don't know what to do. i love my family but cant be around them. Please help!!!!

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Im back

Hey everyone, Im sorry i havent been on for a while so i thought it was time to say hey   I just wanted to know how many people on this website are in perth australia as i really need new friends



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