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My Journey

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About this blog

I've always been a good writer in school. I enjoy making readers feel something when they read my writing. I also used it as a way to vent and express myself truly. Once I reached college, I stopped writing because I realized an English major meant ALOT of reading and boy do I hate to read.. All my life I've been very open about my sexual abuse. I'm not ashamed of what happened to me. I'm angry. I feel shame for the way I handled the situation. I am effected every single day by the things that have happened to me.

This blog is mainly going to be used as my outlet, where I can write down the crazy things I feel and go through. But, I hope it will help anyone who reads as well. Hopefully we can help eachother throughout our journeys of healing.. ♡ 

Entries in this blog

Do you remember?

Today I read about an interesting idea, brought to my attention by a member of the site. Lost memories are very real to many of us. I know it's real for me. I sense that I was sexually abused more than I remember. I only recall 3 instances, but those 3 instances are all I remember  from the time I was 12 until I was 15. This member said.. even if you don't remember, the body does. The body knows what happened and it's stored away deep inside our brains. Our body does this to protect us from thos



How do you feel today?

Every day is different.  Some days, I feel unbreakable. My abuse doesn't cross my mind, not once.  Other days, I am able to ignore the increasing urge to google his name.. until it comes time to go to sleep. Then I lie awake, and obsessively research the man who took my childhood from me. Then there are the emotional days. I take several trips into the bathroom, where i cry into my dogs soft fur, wash my face, and don't say a word to anyone. Today, was different. It was my th



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