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I desire love, joy, and peace.

Will someone make that sacrifice?

Oh, how desire can fade when attacked by clever heists.

So then, am I willing to sacrifice?

What is the price of this life?

Earnings spent on short-term pleasures and empty feelings.

No object, money, or vanity can bring desired healings.

Please show me fulfilled desires that are sweet to the soul.

Selfless love by filling a homeless bowl

Money spent on an orphan's goal

turning the cheek to lower the death toll

and visiting the sick in a support role.


What if love never faded away?

Would I sacrifice my pay, my way, my day?

Am I intimidated by a broken appearance or an appearance built on lies?

Can I spread good seed whatever my ties,

or do I despise the strong, educated, and driven?

I wont withhold any longer the One dead and risen,

who holds the keys to reward, peace, and the forgiven.

This healing gift from an all consuming fire, accept His life.

There's no finder's remorse in Jesus Christ sacrifice.


My Story

This is just a brief synopsis, I don't have time to write in detail at the moment.

At age 5, I was made to have anal sex with another boy my age by a man to this day I have no idea how he got there or what exactly transpired, but I remember him watching and apparently "teaching" us what to do to experience anal sex with each other.

At age 7, a neighbor around the age of 18 started talking to me about rubbing bodies and junk and I told him I had done that before and he asked me if I would do that and being only 7 I said okay. So, for the duration of a summer he continually came and got me to "play" or I would go to his house to play basketball but it would always end with him molesting me... If anyone wants more detail I am okay with that because I am a type of person that wants to know the who what when where why about EVERYTHING, so it does not bother me.

I have seeked counsel, but I have found that regular people during regular talk find much better ways in real life to help me cope with my problem. I have been able to come out about what I went through since I was around 25 years old (30 now). But it had taken a TOLL on me, but I am fighting back now and regaining my right to choose life EVERY SINGLE MORNING!

Please don't hesitate to reach out.

Hey, thanks for reading!







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