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    dolphins, reading, trying to understand who I really am and why I'm on this earth and working with children
  1. Nicole, Hi there, I've been trying to connect to the chat room but it wont work. Actually, it looks like I'm connected...I'm in the chat room, and I see your name but it doesnt properly connect me... Not sure why. Sorry about that, maybe we can connect again later. Dolphin (I have added you to my MSN list, if that is okay)
  2. Hi everyone!! Was wondering if anyone is interested in chatting for awhile. I have to go to work soon and just thought I could chat with someone before heading out. If not, that is okay... maybe we can chat another time. Thanks, Dolphin
  3. Thanks Tuesday for your reply. Wasnt expecting anyone to respond so soon. I hope that I can help others and those can help me too. I feel that I am going to explode with so much emotions, and dont know what to do. I am not seeing a T right now because havent found the right one yet. Thanks, Dolphin
  4. Hi everyone!! I'm new to this site. I have been looking for awhile for a site for survivors. I have no family and very little friends, therefore I feel that I am alone in this world. Especially alone in dealing with everything. I dont feel comfortable at the moment to tell my story, sorry...hope that is okay. Thank you, Dolphin