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  1. I know that I haven't been around for awhile, but I will try to check in more often. My computer crashed, I got crazy with school, and it's just been busy. At some point my husband might join this board, meaning that I won't be posting as much, but that's okay. Right now I think he needs the TLC a bit more than I do or at least I need him to be more educated so that I can do better. Does that make sense? I have kept you all in my thoughts and I hope to talk more soon.
  2. Just a quick followup. I really like this place and plan on staying here. I still go to the other place, but mostly for people that I came to care about and to see how they are doing. Thank you for all the support. I really want to post more, but it's tough to find the time lately. I'm hoping to get a schedule going soon.
  3. Almost there. I'm 28.
  4. Hi

    Welcome Megan!
  5. Hi smurfette! I'm new as well. Welcome!
  6. Hi there. I think I might have been a member of this board a long time ago, but I'm not sure. I'm dealing with some pretty bad issues right now and my old support group has gotten really petty and I just don't feel welcome there. Anyway, I'm hoping to make some friends here, but because of what happened before I'm going to be reluctant to say anything much for now. I'll work on it.