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    "Dogs never bite me. Just humans." Marilyn Monroe
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    reading, writing, listening to music, eating, and cooking<br />

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  1. Welcome back! You will find a lot of support here and you always have us if noone else. Things will get better. Finiece Message me if you need anything
  2. Welcome back! I think you will find a lot of support here and you have us if nobody else. Drop me a message if you need anything. It will get better. Finiece
  3. Hi, welcome to AS! Finiece
  4. Hello Finiece
  5. Welcome back, dear. Finiece
  6. Hi! Welcome to AS! I hope you find everything you need here Finiece
  7. Welcome to AS Finiece
  8. Welcome to AS, I hope you find what you need. Finiece
  9. Hi

    Hello, I'm Finiece, Welcom to AS
  10. You are a wonderful friend and wish I had ones like you. AS is a great place for you're friend, she won't be hurt here. Finiece
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    and I hope you find what you need Finiece
  12. im having some difficulties with AS. my post numbers have been unchanged for a long time, the skin on my profile was unchanged when i changed it, and i cant see who all replies to my topics. id like to know who can fix this or if its just my computer. Finiece
  13. Hi! Finiece
  14. Welcome to AS! And good luck with starting a family. Finiece
  15. You most definintly have a voice here. Welcome to AS! Finiece