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  1. Hoping you still visit the cows :)

    1. Reyzl


      Oh wow, Blossums, you're spooky lol. I'm off on retreat tomorrow to hang out with cows, followed by a week on a cow farm! What timing you have! Hope you're well :)

    2. blossums


      Glad to hear it :P

      Thanks I'm well

  2. Hi With the new version of AS, is it no longer possible to preview a post before you submit it? Perhaps I'm just being dumb but I can't find that facility anymore. Guess maybe you just have to edit afterwards instead?? Reyzl
  3. I tried to change my signature and it won't allow me to. I get the message 'Too many Images and Signature spans too many lines' no matter what I put in there, even if I get rid of all of it . Help what do I do!! Thanks, Reyzl
  4. Just to add - it's been brought to my attention that the link won't paste. I think in order to paste anything at all into AS you need to use a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It won't work for me on ordinary Internet Explorer.
  5. Hi Danni and others! I also noticed that the AS way of uploading pics has not been working. I tend to do it via an external website - i prefer it as the pics come out a better size. I just pm'd some instructions for uploading pics to someone, so i will paste here what i wrote .... I use this website: I'm as sure as i can be that the pics are private within your account and not accessible to anyone else. I think the pics stay there as long as you leave them there, no time limit on them. In Postimage: 1. Register on the site 2. Click 'browse' and choose the file you want to share. 3. There's a box inviting you to resize your file. I think the 'websites & emails' and the 'message boards' sizes are both fine for this. 4. Under that there's a box asking you to name your gallery. If you don't it's fine, it just gets named 'unnamed' 5. Click 'upload it'. (if it won't upload you may need to shrink the size of your file) 6. New screen will show your file being uploaded. Once it's finished, further down you will see a table of links. 7. Choose the link 'direct link' and copy it. 8. Go back to AS to your post or PM. 9. Along the top of the box where you write you will see a row of icons, where the bold, itallics, underline, etc is. Choose the green icon that is a like picture frame with a tree in it (if you hover over it you'll see it's called 'image'. Click on that. 10. A URL box appears. Paste your direct link into this box and click OK. 11. Your pic will appear in your post! Good luck! Reyzl
  6. Great idea - but I think maybe it takes a mod to set that up (I could be wrong) and all our mods have been 'missing' a while!
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone, mod or just techy member, can advise. Something weird is happening to my pms. All of the pms people send me very quickly get labelled 'deleted'. They are still there and I can still read them but there's no way to reply. I made space in my inbox but it's still happening. Any ideas?? Thanks Reyzl
  8. I get that too. Always have done since AS reappeared after the crash. Can't seem to opt for the full, non-mobile version of the site on my phone either. Reyzl
  9. Hey Ann, I think that's because you can only post pics on certain boards. This one doesn't have the facility so you won't find a 'browse' button on it. Go to another board ~ probably the Healing through Creativity one if you're posting pics. Open a new topic. Scroll down and you should see at the bottom left under the text box the browse button. Then follow the instructions from there that Silentnomore gave you. Good luck! Reyzl
  10. Thanks for that Vera ! River, I appreciate you raising this as many of us feel frustrated not being allowed to let rip when we need to without *'s making us look coy about it!! There's a hilarious thread somewhere way back in the venting section about just this topic if you do a search for it. Lol, if you think *'s are bad, you should have been on a forum I used to use ~ that one was programmed to replace swear words with nonsense phrases, so for eg. the word "b*tch" would appear in your post as "Pregnant dog" (wtf?? That isn't even the definition of the word, lol!!), any rude word for male body parts came out as "thingy" and female parts = "girl thingy", cocker spaniel = "thingy er spaniel" (!!!), sh*t = "nuts", wh*re = "sleeper". Imagine the embarassment, not to mention concern for your own sanity, when you re-read your own post a day or two later and found for some inexplicable reason you seemed to have written "I was pregant dog ing about my boss the other day and ...." LOL !! Reyzl p.s Just to reassure you, I added the *'s myself this time, it's not that the new adaptations are malfunctioning!!
  11. Or just click on search at the top of the main screen and type in your name and it will show all the posts (your threads and those you've replied to) in a list. That's the one I like best as it shows you all the threads in a normal format. Reyzl x
  12. Thanks for your response Becky. I'm glad it's being looked into. I didn't really mean to suggest anyone here is actually abusing me. Just that it FEELS that way. This situation replicates so much stuff around the abuse (not just for me, I shouldn't think) ~ being silenced, having no control, people with 'power' making decisions for you ... it's just hugely triggering I guess. Thanks for your kind words though Reyzl
  13. Sorry to start a new thread, I just don't want to have any part of this discussion 'behind closed doors' in pm's to moderators. This whole situation already feels immensely triggering to me, like I've been silenced. If on top of that I have to have all of this, what feels like, abusive situation go on in 'secret', well, you can imagine how that might feel. I wasn't even alerted that this would happen to my story. I appreciate your response Dodo and that it is being looked into. I just want to say I hope this rule will be reconsidered. New members getting a good hearing has been taken care of by the fact that replies don't bump up the threads. What difference could it make to new members if I or others have a scattering of old posts in various pages way back? I'm already aware of a few people who are very upset about this situation themselves. I have never caused trouble here, never got involved in the bickering that breaks out from time to time ~ I don't go into chat for that very reason. I think I'm quite supportive of others. So I don't start 'dramas' lightly. This place has felt like a lifeline for me at times. Especially now that my dad has just been diagnosed with cancer and I've no idea how I will cope. But I honestly feel like if this stays the way it is, I don't feel safe to post here anymore. I never expected to feel so abused here. Reyzl
  14. Thanks Ame and Nem. I feel sick about this . I don't have the words to say how this has made me feel. 'Unsafe' I suppose is the main one. This used to feel like a safe place.
  15. Wow, I'm trying to stay calm here. Yes, I can find my new post at the bottom of all the Reyzl flotsum and jetsam that has been swept up into one post. But I don't want to find it there! I want to find it where I posted it. PLEASE unmerge it. I can't bear this. This is new. It's not just more of "Reyzl's crap" ~ it's my actual story, it's progress. It's how I can finally tell my story, not in bits and pieces but a whole narrative. I've never done that before. I'm horrified. I'm feeling like I never want to come back here. I don't want my brand new post be to hidden in years worth of posts back, like it's something shameful. No one will see it. Not even me. Well, I said I'd stay calm but looks like I haven't quite. I'm shaking. And while I was in that huge long amalgamated thread in your link Dodo, I see that even my completely separate story about an assault by a GP is in there ~ actually it is the lead story, followed by random order posts about my dad. I wouldn't mind betting my mini story about an abusive girlfriend is in there too, but I couldn't bear to look at that hideous monster thread any more. It's not all even in the order I posted it. I go back every now and again and re-look at what I posted over the years and last time I looked this hadn't happened. Please make it not be like this. Why does it not occur to anyone that I may be too triggered by my old posts to even be able to go back to that huge thread? I don't want the old stuff I posted in my face just to check on new responses (that is if I got any responses, but now given that it's on page 300 or something that is seriously unlikely!) I feel so insulted and violated by this I can't even begin to say Reyzl