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  1. The Rivers Centre 1st Floor, Fountainbridge Library Building 137 Dundee Street Edinburgh EH11 1BG Telephone: 0131 451 7400
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  3. :cry:hurting so much right now 

    1. aloneallthetime


      So sorry you are hurting.  Sending comfort your way by sitting with you and holding your hand if okay.

    2. Alex76


      thank you for sitting with me 

    3. MeBeMary
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  5. Feel like i will never be clean ...

    1. Ember


      (((Safe hugs))) Sorry for how you feel. I know that feeling oh so well. Sitting with you.

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  9. Little Alex wants to come out and play but she is very scared too ...might get told to be grown up by husband he don't seems to understand the whole inner child thing.
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  11. Hi

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  13. My inner child feels sad and is hiding she feels unsafe Dear lil one sorry you are feeling sad and unsafe its ok to come out of hiding its safe no bad people here i promise you will be safe love Jane_Doe
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