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  1. Hello Nightbird welcome!!!!!! Stay strong. Isabelle
  2. Hello vision welcome to AS! I hope you find some comfort here. Stay Strong. Isabelle
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    Hello welcome to the board!!!! Take care. Isabelle
  4. Hello Spiral sun!!! Welcome. Isabelle
  5. Hello. Welcome to the forum! Isabelle
  6. Hello Haley. Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have come to the right place. Isabelle
  7. Welcome to the board Becky Isabelle.
  8. Hello Ash. Welcome. Isabelle.
  9. I can't upload an avatar as well. At first I thought it was because I'm new to all this but since other people have had this problem maybe it's nit just me. Any help would be great. Isabelle.
  10. Hello Kel. Welcome.
  11. Hello Kel. Welcome. I'm new as well and was alittle overwhelmed at first too! I just took my time and found that this board is fantastic. Tons of support and understanding. So again welcome! Isabelle
  12. Welcome.
  13. New

    Hello. I am also new here myself. Welcome
  14. Thank you everyone.
  15. Thank you all for welcoming me. Isabelle.