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  1. Then tell her to 'stick it'! happy turnkey day!
  2. Hi

  3. Roona66- it's a pleasure to have you here!! What a brave and adventurous soul you must have to start fresh in a new place!
  4. Nice to have you here! And you don't need to talk until you feel ready!
  5. Nice to meet you Una/LadyButterfly- Hope to see you in chat and look forward to seeing your posts!!
  6. Minnesota. November through April can be miserable..... But, it's home. It's pretty the rest of the year. And SOMETIMES the snow is enjoyable.
  7. we understand here, pixiewillow- you've come to the right place!
  8. Nice to see you here at AS!!!
  9. I understand, denial is a great way to protect ourselves and that's all it is! P.S. I like your kitty picture!
  10. Hi Andrea- yes, sometimes being here can evoke some powerful feelings. There have been times that I've had to take 'time off' or limit my time. But overall it's been tremendously encouraging and healing. Most of all it's comforting to share experiences, to be heard, validated and understood... Welcome.
  11. Pained Soul- You sound like a very articulate, kind and gentle soul. My background is much the same as yours, various abuses for as long as I can remember that continue in one way or another. I have a tendancy to do alot of 're-enactment' still, though I am now 40 years old. After Silence has lifted me when I was down, chat in particular. All survivors the biggest hearts you can imagine and feel every ounce of others pain. They are full of kind caring advice, warm understanding and gentle prodding. AS has furthered me tremendously in my recovery and therapy. It is eye-opening to log onto the site and know that you are not one bit alone. We all share the same basic symptoms, which is somehow comforting to be so understood. It is taking me sometime to feel free with postings but in chat I feel comfortable to 'be myself.' I hope that you make yourself a regular here at AS as we all go through our healing and personal transformations... You are loved more than you know...
  12. It was amazingly brave for you to have gotten out! You are stronger than you know!
  13. May I get the password too?
  14. What can I say. YOU ROCK, no- WE ALL at AFTER SILENCE ROCK!!!!!!!!!