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  1. Siganote: you belong here as much as anyone else - so he "only fingered me" you say - Only? He had no right to & being fingered is as evasive as being raped; in fact in my opinion it is tantamount to rape Rape in my opinion (& I am sure the opinion of most on here) is forced penetartion of your body whether by whichever body member or an inanimate object We are all here for you Siganote & I am sure you are welcome to pm any of us & you definately can pm me if you wish to if you need to chat prevately and I will listen to you As for your minimising your abuse Siganote I did the same feeling my abuse is less abuse than a female rape victim - I can't explain why I think this but maybe it is because my current gf Claire was seriously abused by her ex which I eventually with much coaxing managed to pull her from - Claire & I are now living together very much in love supporting each other - I hope you too Siganote are in a loving relationship with a partner who understands you & is supportive towards you tc Siganote Nick
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