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  1. HI Charley Welcome to the board. There is no pressure to post or reply to anyone just take things at your own pace and get to know your way around. Sasha
  2. (((((((Starla)))))))) welcome to the board hon hugs Sasha
  3. HI Sarah Welcome to the board honey, I'm sorry for everything you have been through and that you dont have any support. I dont have any support either and I know how lonely it can be but I'm glad you found the board hugs Sasha
  4. sorry had to take it down
  5. hi Sonic Welcome to the board honey, dont worry about not telling your story yet there is no rush for you to say anything until you feel you are ready. hugs Sasha
  6. I'm in my late 20s Sasha
  7. ((((((just_a_girl)))) I'm really sorry for everything you've been through. Welcome to the board I know you will find lots of support here. hugs Sasha