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  1. There are tonnes of friendly, helpful and supportive people here. I hope you find what you need. Welcome to AS!
  2. I think cooking - and eating - are major parts of self care for many of us. And given the strong relationship between sexual abuse and eating disorders, food is important. I'm a major crunchy granola type though - you all might get sick of me sneaking pureed vegetables into cakes....
  3. Me too! Great idea.
  4. Welcome I think you'll find that you're not alone. Hopefully by sharing and caring for others here you'll get a little unstuck. At the very least, you'll see that it's not just you.... if it's okay
  5. Thanks for sharing and welcome here! Happy to hear you have a good team supporting you. That's great.
  6. Hi! Welcome. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I read some of the posts on here and the only thing I can think to say in response is : I thought it was just me! Hope it helps you.
  7. Thanks Anna, I really appreciate the lovely sentiment.
  8. Thanks Found. I'm already finding it helpful!
  9. Thanks Blossums, My cave at least has a lovely waterfall - how's yours?
  10. Thanks Rosalie. I feel "most welcome" already!
  11. Thanks Breakable - and keep in touch about the writing. It's a tough field to break into and make a proper go of. I'll help you however I can.
  12. Thanks PR, I really had no idea how much I wasn't helping myself until recently. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, and the same to you.
  13. Thanks - love the emoticon banner!
  14. Thanks Karen. I'm happy to have found it.
  15. Thanks Sam, I'm looking forward to engaging more here.