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  1. a long month but you are making huge strides. good for you!
  2. Thank you. everything is so emotionally charged right now. I cried reading what  you said, I cried at a mcdonalds commercial. My mom and I are barely speaking now. Its quiet. Strange.

  3. best of luck with this. take your time. i know you can do this.
  4. so glad that you are a having a good week. you deserve only good things in your life. sounds like you are working really hard to heal and i give you so much credit for that! Kind regards, Flower
  5. Hi, Bambi! I was a 'late bloomer' like you. We all a different time line for healing . Welcome to AS.
  6. still happening. but if you hit the back button on your browser, you can still catch your post. i copied it to a word.doc. then pasted it back in but without quoting. i wonder if it is related to posting when quoting another's post, that might be part of the problem.
  7. i noticed this too and i was not logged on that long. very frustrating. today seems better.
  8. introduction

    Welcome to As. I hope that you start to feel comfortable here.
  9. Hi, Green.

    i can relate to feeling nervous and not wanting to post anything.

    it's ok. take your time.


  10. absolutely understand trouble trusting one's own memory, particularly if alcohol, drugs (illicit or prescription), or history of past trauma and dissociation are part of the situation in question. i am sorry that you have your fears about what happened. i wish that there was a magic way to sort this out, but there is not. careful reflection and talking this out with a trusted third party might help. sending best wishes.