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  1. a long month but you are making huge strides. good for you!
  2. Thank you. everything is so emotionally charged right now. I cried reading what  you said, I cried at a mcdonalds commercial. My mom and I are barely speaking now. Its quiet. Strange.

  3. best of luck with this. take your time. i know you can do this.
  4. so glad that you are a having a good week. you deserve only good things in your life. sounds like you are working really hard to heal and i give you so much credit for that! Kind regards, Flower
  5. Hi, Bambi! I was a 'late bloomer' like you. We all a different time line for healing . Welcome to AS.
  6. still happening. but if you hit the back button on your browser, you can still catch your post. i copied it to a word.doc. then pasted it back in but without quoting. i wonder if it is related to posting when quoting another's post, that might be part of the problem.
  7. i noticed this too and i was not logged on that long. very frustrating. today seems better.
  8. introduction

    Welcome to As. I hope that you start to feel comfortable here.