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    Currently trying to live life to its fullest. I guess I am making up for the time that was taken away from me. I have a lot of interests. I love writing, I love to dance, I love music, and I love my job. Right now I am going to school and working as a night nurse. . .but I'll always have time for my AS friends.

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  1. Welcome to AS. I am so sorry you went through so much as a child. I hope you find the healing and peace that you deserve here
  2. Welcome to AS!!!
  3. Welcome to AS!!! Mandi
  4. Welcome to AS!!! Breaking the silence is a huge step, but its the best step you can take. Just being here is a great start. Mandi
  5. Hi

    Welcome to AS!!!! Mandi
  6. Welcome to AS. I love the name. Makes me think of the Beatles song
  7. and I just realized I misspelled your name, sorry about that.
  8. Welcome Hadly
  9. Welcome Hovis
  10. Welcome bluedove
  11. Hi

    Welcome to AS Kendall
  12. Welcome! I hope you find the support you need and deserve here.
  13. Welcome, Jane. This is a wonderful site full of great support. You have nothing to be ashamed of. The shame is on those who put us here. I look forward to talking to you in the future. Mandi
  14. Welcome to AS! Hope you find it as healing as I have.
  15. Welcome to AS. Hope that you find AS as healing as I have. Mandi