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  1. Hang in there Tiffany, You are in a difficult place right now. things will get better . It just takes time.
  2. Welcome back Heavenly , This is a lot to deal with. try to take one day at a time. in so much as you can. you don't have control of the situation with the school. or of other people .
  3. You are correct when you say that he does not deserve that. keep up the good work.
  4. Welcome
  5. welcome
  6. new

    welcome to AS.
  7. Welcome
  8. Hello and welcome
  9. Welcome Iwillstand, Aniversaries are very difficult. Be patient with yourself.
  10. I am happy you found the site Raincity, I think your whole world changes when you have to deal with the abuse of someone you are close to. I am glad to hear that your sister is doing well. Take whatever time you need to come to terms with this. It's a very difficult thing to accept and to move forward from.
  11. Of course you can't explain it. That's why people use drugs to assault someone. It's still not your fault.
  12. Welcome :-)
  13. Welcome, West have a very helpful community. I hope you find the support you are looking for.
  14. I understand and relate to the nightmares. I think they might even be worse with drug facilitated cases. I think men face more barriers than women do with respect to discussing assault. Nothing about the situation was your fault. The behavior of your assailants was premeditated and required planning. There is not anything you could have / should have done differently. I also agree with Phoenixx. If sometching happen to my partner I would want to know about it. Please take care of yourself.
  15. Welcome LittlePinkSock, I am veryour sorry for the circumstances that brought you here. This is a good site. I hope you find the support you are in need of.