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  1. welcome back Tamara
  2. don't pee on the flowers
  3. welcome to AS
  4. Hi, welcome to AS MadDog is crazy, but you should find LOTS of friends here
  5. heavenshope. I am working on final exams right now. does that mean you are headed home for summer break? Have you considered a summer job or internship somewhere close to school, or in a neighboring city. You are just beginning to deal. You don't have the boundaries or resources and tools to spend 3 months at home right now, do you? I wish I had done some sort of internship, foreign or domestic , like the Peace Corp, when I was your age. Think about it
  6. life line
  7. well there now I don't feel so inadequate
  8. alright well i just don't get this friends thingy. it's right up there with changing your avatars
  9. Remember a little while back when you had a breakthrough in T and I predicted that you would start to feel better in ways you wouldn't notice at first? I will try my best to add you to my friends list because that would be the polite thing to do, despite your immense popularity, or perhaps because of it. I bow before the mighty MadDog :blow: I mean
  10. MD cardinals are the red birds with um, the thingy, the little swoopy feathers behind their heads, like a pony tail, but not. like an aerodynamic cycling helemt. They have black highlights and little cheeps. the females are more brown with a few red highlights. they mate for life and are just gorgeous. we have lots here on our land sounds like fun with your son's GF
  11. I never have figured out this friends' list thingy, but then I get lost if someone other than MadDog with her considerate message, changes theiravatar, so I dunno. But I've gotten 1 message that someone added me to their friends list so I went and looked and like there's half a dozen people listed in there, and I only know the 1.
  12. you will find great folks and good healing here
  13. I had a really nice interlude with my wife with a promise of more quality time this evening after I finish my homework. she is tormenting a cardinal who was foolhardy enough to build her nest outside our backdoor, right above the dogs' way. So my w has a ladder out and is playing peeping tom on the poor thing. Two eggs I do love that handsome goofed up survivor if she keeps trying to build a happy healthy relationship I might have to keep her
  14. you will find great people and good healing here sc