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  1. Hi Abbie Welcome. I am sorry you were attacked. I hope you will feel less isolated and alone here. Pax
  2. Hi Welcome So pleased you found this site. It is wonderful. Pax
  3. So please you are back Pax
  4. Abby I agree with writing things down in a sort of list. It has really helped me and whilst we don't always cover everything in our sessions the list is a start. I use to find the beginings of my sessions really difficult and I was unable to speak at all because of my anxiety. I just couldn't bring myself to speak and so used small talk initially to calm myself. My T realised this and we worked out that this was OK for a few mins to calm myself down but then he would move me gently towards the issues that I really wanted and needed to talk about. I feel if you could tell your T what you have told us, then you would be able to work it out together. Good Luck Pax
  5. Hi So plesed you found AS. Welcome. Pax
  6. Hi Welcome to AS. This is a special place and I know everyone will welcome you as they have me. (I am fairly new too). Pax
  7. Aleo64 I found your post very moving. Welcome, I feel this is a site of hope. Pax
  8. Hi Welcome to AS I hope you find the support you are looking for. Pax
  9. Hi Welcome to AS. Pax
  10. Welcome Tamatha I hope you find the support you are looking for. I think this site is amazing and I am a new member too. Maybe we can help each other. Pax
  11. Hi Bennett Welcome to AS. I am a new member and I find this is such an amazing site. I'm so pleased you decided to join and I hope you find what you are looking for. I look forward to hearing more from you. Pax
  12. Hi Flowerfall Welcome Pax
  13. Hi Welcome. I'm new too and I think this site is amazing and very supportive. I feel sure you will find the same. Pax
  14. Hi Rachel Welcome Im new here too but I have found this place to be incredibly helpful. Hopefully you will too. Pax
  15. Hi FireflyGrace So pleased you found this place. I am new 2 and it really seems to me to be a place to heal. Pax